Abused, Tested and Called of God!

These books details how God brought me through abuse and trials to a phase of doing the will of God from the heart.

Nobody Remembers Me, tells of a  baby that was given away at birth to abusive families. I was scorned and maltreated because of the sins of my parents. It seemed upon every lip in the community I could hear, "You are not going to be nothing, just like your mammy".

Nobody Remembers me gives detail accounts of child abuse that is horrible, devastating and so demeaning.

    Nobody Remembers Me is designed to encourage others who have been abused or being abused to open up and share your pain and/or tell someone if you are abused. I learned to forgive and love my abusers once I found true faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

This book was borne out of much grief, tears, and heartache. And God Spoke gives clear examples of how deliverance was obtained with a compelling look at a life with Christ Jesus through obedience and sacrifice. How God was there waiting to heal the hurt through faith and repentance. Every eye should behold the contents of And God Spoke.

When temptation, problems and hard times come calling and they will if one lives. These noted examples and references to the Holy Bible will give one much comfort.